Complete Horoscope Analysis. A complete analysis of the horoscope is carried out on the principles of classical texts on astrology. Special efforts will be on analysis of the strengths of the native, health and education prospects, family/love life, financial status, properties, remedial aspects like gem-advice and suitable mantras for a specific period. While going in for a complete horoscope analysis, native may ask for a specific aspect to be magnified or can ask unlimited questions. Appointment with Sundeep Kochar.
One To One Conversation A comprehensive one to one conversation of a person’s natal chart that will include an introduction, interpretation of the natal planets and houses, some of the major transits and what your future has in it store for you. How you will do professionally, your marriage life, your children, and other details about life, with the opportunity to meet Sundeep face to face.

You can also contact at Whatsapp or Call on +91-9971008899  to fix an appointment
Bank Details:
ICICI Bank A/C num: 008701002256, Four Bungalows Branch, Andheri (W), Mumbai; IFSC Code: ICIC0001012, in the name of Sundeep Kochar.

Astro Talk (India)

INR 6000 for one person & 9000 for a couple (over the phone).

30 minutes per horoscope consultation (over the phone).

Astro Talk (Other Countries)

USD 200 for one horoscope & USD 300 for a couple (for callers from outside India).

30 minutes consultation per horoscope over the phone or on Skype id: ‘astro4you’

Schedule Appointment

INR 12000 for one person & 18000 for a couple (face to face).

30 minutes per horoscope consultation (face to face)

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