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09 February 2018
Sundeep Kochar, Famous astrologer in india

How Sundeep Kochar, Best Astrologer in India responds to skeptics

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Astrology can turn into a hot debatable topic when discussed with a skeptic. Celebrity astrologer in India Sundeep Kochar discusses ways to deal with an astrology naysayer

Dealing with a skeptic is never easy. A person, who isn’t a devout follower of astrology, would express some doubt or confusion regarding the effectiveness of the science. However, under the same situation, a skeptic would call astrology flat-out wrong or a gimmick.

“Everyone is free to follow their own set of beliefs. However, some people attempt to undermine others’ point of view while trying to depict their thoughts as more refined. That’s how skepticism works, particularly for astrology,” says  Best astrologer in India Sundeep Kochar.

On being asked how he deals with skeptics, the ace astrologer replies, “Running into an astrology skeptic is a tricky situation for every astrologer. Skeptics refuse to understand the science behind astrology – how the movement of celestial bodies is mapped, how natal charts are drawn. For them, it’s a lot confusing and seemingly unreal.”

Dr Sundeep Kochar, Best astrologer in Mumbai faced a similar situation when some doubts were raised by the presenter during a live interview by Fox radio over his correct predictions, first for Barack Obama and then recently for Donald Trump winning US Presidential elections way in advance. The celebrity astrologer had explained the science of astrology to the presenter by giving relevant astrological reasons.

According to Dr Sundeep Kochar, skepticism towards astrology is usually born out of a lack of understanding of the underlying concepts. “It’s natural for a person to be a skeptic if he doesn’t understand what astrology actually is. Once they get clarity of the concepts, it automatically changes the way they perceive astrology. As the saying goes, few are wise but most are otherwise,” he quipped.

The first line of defense for an astrologer, on being confronted by a skeptic, is to pull up the person’s natal chart there and then. According to the famous astrologer, when a person witnesses the process himself, he realizes that astrological predictions are anything but random.

This experience helps the person deduce that deep observations are involved in the process of astrological predictions. This is exactly what happened on BBC Radio Live Interview in London, when Dr. Sundeep Kochar  , Best astrologer in India read the interviewer’s Horoscope, rendering him speechless.

As the bottom line, astrologer Sundeep Kochar states, “Believing in astrology or not – it’s completely up to an individual’s choice and belief. By explaining the process and concepts to a skeptic, we can only aim at turning the person’s hostile attitude into a more understanding one. Faith and hope are the sole driving forces of life. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.”

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